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Message for the member of my seminar

1 Today’s Business

The recession has regional differences. There are fifty multistory buildings constructed now in Tokyo, and they need 2 million tons iron after 5 years. (NKK stock price start to rise.) Tokai area has advantage, and prefecture-income of Shiga increase. But Hokkaido and Osaka are inactive.

The hard competition is starting between internet-start-up venture companies and large real companies. Information-oriented society makes global speculations and corporate reorganizations. You had better experience electric commerce one time.

The recession that will come this autumn is serious. Stock price will be compelled to affect by economic policy for the time being. It may concentrate disposal stable stock prices, when banks must introduce the system of market price.

During rapid changing term, little companies have a lot of opportunities of taking an advantage more than big one. It is a low of Lanchester.

After 25 years in Japan, ① A producing population will decrease 17 millions.② Nation-burden-rate will be more than half of income.③ We’ll have risk 12 trillion yen that balance of payment in the red.

From viewpoint of training manager, it is important to compare America, Germany, Great Britain, China and Japan.

2 Structural Adjustment

Administration is being changed from traditional method to the one thought B/C.

The Government attempt to reduce pressure of government bond.

They try to stop administration for pressure groups.

They try to stop move from public office to an important position in the special corporation that is a by-product of official worker of seniority.

It certainly happens wage-disparities in ”National Minimum”.

“Pain” of Koizumi structure reforms mean last disposal of bad loan. It cause serious problem of employment. If they dispose of it 12.7 trillion, unemployed persons will be 585 thousand. If they dispose of it 23.9 trillion, unemployed persons will be 1102 thousand. If they dispose of it 31.8 trillion, unemployed persons will be 1467 thousand. But measure against recession may be possible, if we frequently use financial policy without fiscal policy.

We need 100 years to rebuild the disorder of education and the one of human heart. These are missed in information-oriented society and the structure reform.

3 Local Government

 “Local government collectively low” means that local governments are equal national government.

Local public enterprises include subsidy. These were cause that buildings were built.

Local governments rely on the nation without the citizen. Members of parliament don’t have ability to make policies. They need good judgment and intelligence.

When taxes are collected, national taxes are twice as many as local one. But when taxes are used, they are opposite. This way has a direct contradiction.

4 Polution

We are now facing global environmental crisis. Do you understand economic actions are cause of global environmental crisis? It’s natural for you to know what is “Kyoto protocol”.

We have many global environmental problems. For example, it is the global warming effect, the depletion the ozone layer, unusual weather, population explosion and preservation of species etc. It isn’t only problem like exhaust gas of a car.

If the ice in the South Pole, the Himalayas and the North Pole would melt by the global warming effect, cities in the world will be below sea level. And there is possibility of terrible nuclear war.

5 Study Hardly and Quickly!

If you couldn’t tidy the Classical economics, Keynesian and Monetarist in history of economics, you couldn’t understand the problems of government and one of local government.
And if you couldn’t understand Keynesian economics of advantage respect and disadvantage one in macroeconomics, you wouldn’t find the cause of global environmental problem, measures against governments and local governments and economic effects.
If you couldn’t understand the way to income determines nation, you would lack the economic point of view. We can’t say it intelligence.
4. Take the sharp tool of the economic analysis.
The way of definite analysis

* The analysis by one equation in regression

* The analysis by macro-model used with the several equations

The way of positive chaos analysis

*The analysis by moving slope ⇒1,2 dimension phase chart

<Understanding chaos itself>

*Spectrum analysis⇒pronounce a sound powers of ever frequency

(Only our seminar use this approach in this field)